General Principles

Catching trends early and the future of media - Marie Dollé, In Bed With Social

Episode Summary

We chat to Marie Dollé, experienced media researcher and writer of 'In Bed with Social' about newsletters, trends in media, and how to build a content curation pipeline so you don’t miss out on information you care about.

Episode Notes

In this episode, we cover

- Why newsletters are more powerful than other types of media - 1:15

- How to get insights from global newsletters - 9:51

- Trends in Media in the next few years - 13:22

- Broader trends in the consumer space - 28:07

- How to build a powerful curation pipeline to get the information you need - 40:43

- Creators to follow - 48:35

Connect with Marie Dollé
Twitter: @MarieDOLLE

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